Everything you ever wanted to know about crystals and their healing power is covered in these highly experiential, two-day workshops. Here’s your chance to learn about crystals from a government approved, Advanced Crystal Therapist. Not mere book knowledge, but practical solutions you can use immediately to improve your health and well-being.
From beginners to advanced you’ll learn which crystals to use, when, how and why.

The vast amount of quality information being offered in these workshops, the unique skills being taught and the practical applications being shared, are a culmination of years of study and hands-on clinical experience with my clients. I offer this depth of knowledge and experience, these practical insights which I have been blessed to have had bestowed upon me by spirit, to all who choose to accept the responsibility for their own advancement.

Both days will be totally interactive offering participants “hands-on” experience where you actually get to lay the crystals on someone yourself and in turn have them lay crystals on you. This allows you to integrate both the experience of performing the layout, as well as understanding what each feels like from a recipient’s perspective. This is undoubtable the best way to retain your learnings, while becoming accustomed to the amazing energies of the various crystals. On each day there’ll be a vast array of crystals for you to assimilate, pendulums to play with and lots of neat exercises that you can take away and teach your friends.

What is Crystal Healing?
Crystal healing is the process of using crystals to bring our energy fields back into balance. This occurs through absorption and redistribution of frequencies into our energy centres. Crystals have the ability to enhance and generate the flow of energy throughout our physical and subtle bodies, giving back the remembrance of perfect health at a cellular level. This amplified energy helps shift and eliminate any blockages that may currently be restricting the natural flow of energy within and around us. If an organ in our body, or a thought pattern in our mind is out of balance, crystals can and will clear away any such disharmony. However unlike crystal therapy there is no component of counselling whatsoever, which is why anyone who’s been trained in their specific applications can perform a treatment.

How does Crystal Healing work?
Crystal healing, like Colour healing, is based on the law of resonance which works through what is known as “harmonic” or “sympathetic” reverberation. Put simply this means matching the vibration of the crystal with that of our bodies subtle energy systems. Such resonance is most easily demonstrated using two guitars. When both are in tune and placed close together the plucking of a string on one guitar will cause the same string on the other to vibrate. It resonates in harmony with the energy of the source, which in this case is the other guitar. This same principle applies with the use of crystals and the human body. Depending on the emotion, ailment or issue we choose to work on, we simply select the crystal/s that have the energy and the vibrations for that specific purpose. This is why the choice of crystals to be used is so crucial, because each has the ability to change our entire being into a different rhythm. By selecting the right crystal/s, the stronger vibration then coerces the weaker one into a more appropriate health pattern. Any negative energy is then pushed to the outer limits of our aura for purification, thus restoring balance on all our levels.

Can anyone learn how to use Crystals?
While there’s a lot of mystique surrounding crystals, the fact is anyone of any age can easily learn how to use them. And it doesn’t take any giant “leap of faith” to accept them, their effects are very easily experienced. Via demonstration and by using a “hands-on” approach, one of the aims of this course is to demystify and give credibility to the ancient art of crystal healing. When you’re the one experiencing their amazing effects, their powers suddenly become very real. When it’s you who experience an energy shift as a result of a layout, or specific crystal/s, it becomes undeniable. Whether you can already sense these energies or not, within the first few hours I guarantee you will recognise and identify with the energies of these wonderful gifts from nature.

What is covered on Day 1.?
Day 1. Covers: -

  • Introduction and overview
  • The history of crystals throughout the Ages
  • How crystals actually work
  • What exactly is crystal healing
  • The various ways of choosing crystals
  • Pendulums and crystals – a beautiful combination
  • How to clean and maintain your crystals
  • Using crystals as chakra activators
  • What are master crystals and laser wands
  • How to attune yourself with your crystals
  • Exercise for clearing blocked chakras
  • Basic crystals for chakra balancing
  • How to charge and consecrate crystals
  • Protective layouts you can do yourself
  • Crystals and our chakras
  • Crystals and our aura
  • Creating a sacred space

Day one starts with a brief look at the history of crystal healing, before discussing how they’re used in healing. We talk about crystal’s personalities and properties and the effect wearing them has on us. Then the crystal healing process and how it occurs through absorption and redistribution of frequencies is discussed, and how the aim of any crystal healing is to match the vibrational energy of the crystal with that of our subtle energy bodies, giving back the remembrance of perfect health at a cellular level.

We then talk about a crystals polarity and their use in today’s technologies, before learning and practicing no less than five different ways to choose your crystals. Here you’ll be given the opportunity to make a selection of crystals from a huge collection that’ll be yours to use throughout the workshop. You’ll utterly amaze yourself with your ability to effect these processes!

Then if you haven’t yet experienced the magic that is the pendulum, you get a chance to use one in your crystal selection exercise. I love my pendulum and use it constantly and we go quite deeply into them on Day One. Cleaning your crystals is then explained along with which crystals can only be cleaned in specific ways. The fact that crystals are chakra activators is then explained and demonstrated, along with when it is not safe, or appropriate to use crystals.

We’ll discover how mystical and empowering the Master Crystals are and you’ll be able to experiment with these, experiencing their energies and secrets when you do an exercise to attune yourself to an individual master crystal. I have some magnificent specimens that will be for sale on the day, all hand picked by myself. So if you don’t yet have your own, these are all very special!

Laser Wands will then be explained and you’ll learn how to use them in every day life. You’ll learn and practise an easy exercise to clear blocked chakras that you can practise on yourself, or others. The basic healing crystals used in a Chakra Layout will then be explained in detail and you’ll get to practise doing this layout on yourself. (great for cleansing and re-energising)

Then we’ll discuss the Calcite family and how powerful they can be and you’ll be shown a layout for Calcite as well. This information will enable you to perform basic chakra balancing, clearing and energising and to put it all into practise. To finish the day I’ll guide you through preforming a chakra balancing treatment, which you’ll get to practise as well as experience. (very relaxing and very energising). To support all these learnings you’ll also be supplied with in-depth information on the chakras, the aura and the endocrine system.

What is covered on Day 2.?
Day 2. Covers: -

  • Therapeutic Healing Stones
  • Organic Crystal, or Mineraloids
  • Organic Layout
  • Crystals as Extractors
  • Charging and Consecrating
  • Layout for Consecrated Crystals
  • Advanced Chakra Layout
  • Hematite Shield
  • Restorative Layout
  • Power Stone Layout for Spinal Work
  • Spinal Layout
  • Detoxification Healing Using Crystals
  • Therapeutic Layout
  • A Crystal Healing for Men
  • Layout for Burning off Old Programming
  • Crystal Healing For Addictions
  • Fluorite Layout
  • Contamination Cleanse
  • Presentation of Certificates

On day two a wide range of Therapeutic Healing Stones will be discussed, (over 55 of them!) many of which you may not easily find in books and most of these crystals will be available for you to play with and familiarise yourself with on the day. You’ll be experiencing and using many of these crystals in the TWELVE layouts you’ll be shown. Many of these you’ll actually be performing yourself on the day, so it’s you who get to lay the stones on someone and you who’ll experience their energies when someone lays them on you. You’ll also learn about organic stones and be shown a layout for these, as well as experiencing the cooling, uplifting and cleansing energy of this one.

Another beautiful thing we’ll look at is how crystals can be used to extract diseased energies and how charging and consecrating them can dramatically increase their power, and you’ll be shown how to do all this. So by now I hope you can appreciate just how comprehensive these workshops are. While there’s a ton of information (over 100 pages of it in two very comprehensive manuals) it’s predominantly a hands-on experience being offered to those wanting to find out as much as they can about crystals, their healing powers and practical applications.

If you’ve already done Reiki 1 & 2, then this is the logical next step. I rarely give a Reiki treatment these days without incorporating crystals. These wonderful amplifiers of nature combine beautifully with Reiki to meld energy from the Heavens with the energy from Mother Earth. However I guess the only way to really appreciate the magic and secrets held within crystals is to actually experience them. There’s a whole other realm that exists within their dimensions awaiting your discovery and all you have to do to experience that world, is to make the connection.

Crystals are a safe non-invasive way of clearing obstructions from our energetic pathways, enabling the energy to flow freely once more. This then restores harmony, function and vitality to all levels of our physiology. Without resistance, free-flow is re-established and bountiful living occurs. The most rewarding thing about teaching this modality is seeing the looks on the faces of students when they’ve experienced these energies for the first time themselves. It’s been my experience that once that connection is made, crystals become a life-long practice for many who attend these workshops.

What does it cost?
The total investment for these two-day workshops including the two very comprehensive manuals, certificate of participation and morning and afternoon teas is $550.     However to secure your place you only need a 
$100 deposit & if the remainder of your booking is paid before 18th September you'll receive a $55 discount making it only $495 to attend. If you're interested in coming along, please send me an email and I'll forward a booking form. Please note: A place cannot be reserved without a $100 deposit being recieved & numbers are limited to ensure a more intimate experience.

I’m proud to say that many who have attended crystal workshops elsewhere before coming to me have been astounded at how much more they learnt this time around. This truly is a highly experiential workshop, jam-packed with usable information and practical applications.