Colour Wrap

What is Colour Healing?
Colour healing is the use of colour in a variety of ways to promote health, by restoring our body’s ability to absorb and retain vital life force energy. Given that our most important energy source is sunlight, which incorporates the colours contained within full-spectrum light, which we depend upon to exist on this planet, it is a vital therapy as useful today as it has been for thousands of years.

All things vibrate at a certain frequency no matter what they are and colour is no exception. It is the part of light that because of its particular frequencies and varying wavelengths, we can visually perceive and physiologically experience. From pre-birth to death, it is an essential part of our life without which we could not exist. Every cell in our body needs light energy to survive and colour energy can have profound effects on all our levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Colour therapy is a totally holistic and non-invasive healing modality that enhances and balances our body's energy centres. It utilises the various colours of the light spectrum to help stimulate our body's own healing process and unlike traditional medicines it can do all this without the myriad of detrimental side effects associated with some traditional western treatments. And rather than merely treating symptoms, it goes direct to the source of any imbalance, removing barriers and releasing blockages thereby allowing the energy to flow freely once more. Each of the colours has its own particular vibration and nutritive effect and the energy relating to each colour resonates with the energy centres of our body (our chakras), offering widespread effects on our entire physiology.

How does colour healing work?
Colour healing, like crystal healing, is based on the law of resonance which works through what is known as “harmonic” or “sympathetic” reverberation. Put simply this means matching the vibration of the colour with that of our bodies subtle energy systems. Such resonance is most easily demonstrated using two guitars. When both are in tune and placed close together, the plucking of a string on one guitar will cause the same string on the other to vibrate. It resonates in harmony with the energy of the source, which in this case is the other guitar. This same principle applies with the use of colours and the human body. Depending on the emotion, ailment or issue we choose to work on, we simply select the colour/s that have the energy and the vibrations for that specific purpose. Each different colour emits an individual wavelength and frequency and these various oscillations have a range of diverse effects on our physical and psychological functioning. Using colour therapy we can tune our bodies for optimal wellness by exposing our energy centres to the specific colour/s needed.

Some examples of the various methods used in colour therapy are guided visualization meditations focussing on colour, colour breathing techniques and exercises, the intake of colour treated (solarized) water, chakra therapy using colour cloths, coloured crystal torches, dowsing with a pendulum, directing of coloured light onto the body, colour consciousness exercises, massages using colour saturated oils, using various crystals, art therapy, eating particular coloured foods, wearing specific coloured clothing, using flowers as well as their remedies, channelling the colours of life energy into the body via colour contact therapy, affirmations and utilizing all the wonderful gifts of nature such as the blues of the oceans, the reds and oranges of sunsets and the various shades of green in the landscapes that surround us.

Who would benefit from learning colour healing?
In my opinion I don’t know of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from learning and putting into practice the various applications of colour healing. When you come to understand the profound effects it has on our emotions and behaviours, you begin to appreciate its vital role in our health and wellbeing. Many natural therapies such as Massage, Bowen, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Acupressure and various holistic beauty treatments can increase their effectiveness dramatically by incorporating colour healing as part of their service. Indeed anyone doing any form of bodywork can considerably enhance their results by embracing the simple to use and highly valuable benefits that colour provides. Mothers can give their families a wonderful start in life by learning and teaching their young children how to integrate colour into their lives.

Can anyone learn colour healing?
Anyone of any age can learn colour healing and because it’s so simple, it’s a practice that’s easily integrated into your life. Being a fundamental life energy it’s application feels very natural, which is why people quickly become skilled at performing the various techniques and exercises taught in this workshop. When you actually experience the effects of colour energy for yourself, its powers unexpectedly become very real. And as soon as you can gauge the effects of the various colours, you’ll begin to think, see and feel in terms of colour with everything you do. You’ll find it all just seems to make so much sense. You’ll amaze yourself when you can “feel” the difference between colours, when it’s you who can sense, describe and even draw these energies. Possessing an awareness of the power and uses of colour is especially good for anyone who works with the public. Whether you’re in service or sales, you’ll now know how to improve your energetic presentation, while being better equipped to understand (read/sense) and accommodate the energies of others.

What is covered in Day One?
Day 1. Covers: -

  • Introduction and overview
  • The importance of colour
  • What is colour therapy
  • The history of colour throughout the Ages
  • Waterfall guided visualization/meditation
  • How we perceive colour
  • Types of colours
  • What colour is your personality exercise
  • The seven colours of full-spectrum light
  • How to make solarised water
  • Essences & how to make them
  • Colour breathing meditation with coloured cloths
  • Colours & energies association exercise
  • Developing Aura perception
  • Rainbow guided visualization/meditation
  • Drawing your own Aura
  • Coloured light therapy – demonstration
  • Understanding the energies of others

Day one starts with a brief introduction and overview, before looking at the vital role colour plays in our lives. We then discuss the various methods used in colour therapy and review its history to establish its credibility as a valuable healing resource. We’ll then do a short guided visualization meditation preparing us to delve into colour perception and discussing the different types of colours that exist. Next we’ll do a neat little experiment to uncover what colour your personality is. Besides being an enjoyable exercise, it’s something that’s very helpful to understand early in the workshop. Then we go on to the seven colours that make up full-spectrum light, discussing their harmonious and resistant qualities, how they relate anatomically, what they can be used to treat, their significance to their related chakra and what they mean on other levels. This section offers a substantial account on each colour with many useful ideas and applications to implement.

We then investigate how to make solarised water and essences, and you’ll even get to taste some solarised water for yourself! We’ll then do a colour breathing guided visualization/meditation using coloured cloths, which is just pure bliss! Next we do a colours and energies association exercise to help fine tune your colour consciousness, before learning how to further develop your aura perception. These processes can be quite moving for some, as they come to realise the power that already exists within them. When you find yourself suddenly able to do things you never thought possible, it can sometimes be rather confronting. We’ll then do another guided visualization meditation, this time on a rainbow, in preparation for learning how to draw your own aura. That’s followed by a coloured light therapy treatment demonstration and here is where even the sceptics get to feel the difference between the colour energies. And to finish off day one we look at understanding the energies of others, which ties in beautifully with all the topics covered so far.

What is covered in Day Two?
Day 2. Covers: -

  • Colour visualisation exercise
  • Colour Reflection Reading using colour cards
  • The pendulum & checking chakras
  • The pendulum & diagnosing your colour needs
  • Foods and colour
  • Clothes & colour
  • Crystals & colour – layout & guided visualization/meditation
  • Changing the energy of a room
  • Discuss contact colour therapy
  • Flower guided visualization/meditation
  • Contact colour therapy treatment – session 1.
  • Contact colour therapy treatment – session 2.
  • Presentation of Certificates

Day two commences with a colour visualization exercise with a difference, before doing a colour reflection reading using colour cards. For those who have never used these cards before, it’s utterly uncanny how accurate these readings can be! Then while you’re still getting over that we’ll look at pendulums and how they can be used to check the balance of a persons chakras. Every participant will have a choice of pendulum to use and once you’re acquainted, we’ll use them to diagnose your own colour needs. If you haven’t used a pendulum before don’t worry, we go into great depth with them to ensure everyone masters the basics. We then look at foods and colour, and clothes and colour, two areas we can all do a lot with to improve our relationships, health and wellbeing. After that we’ll do a crystals and colour layout and guided visualization meditation, which will simply blow you away. Crystals are mother earth’s natural amplifiers and when combined with the heavenly energies of colour they magnify the effects dramatically. Next we look at various ways to change the energy of any room, before discussing contact colour therapy in detail. This form of therapy will be demonstrated while you follow along in your manual, before we do a highly revealing guided visualization meditation on flowers. Day two ends with each participant giving and receiving a full one hour contact colour therapy treatment. If you’ve never experienced one of these before, you’re in for a real treat!

What does it cost?
The total investment for these two day workshops including the comprehensive manual, certificate of participation and morning and afternoon teas is $550.00. However early booking discounts apply to this workshop. If you're interested in attending, please send me an email and I'll forward a booking form.

As part of my Diploma of Metaphysics I did my Thesis on Colour Therapy and I honestly don’t know where you could get a more comprehensive experience in colour than what is being offered within this workshop.